Michael Dörner
Jörg Rode

“Light Vanilla Raspberry Laccino”

21. Okt.- 18.Nov. 2006
opening: 20.Okt. 2006

The title for this show was borrowed from an artifically flavored drink of a big coffee company. It leads directy into the mircrocosm of two artists who play with reality and illusions of today’s consumer culture, consumption, seduction and its inherent ideological theories.

Michael Dörner works with the growing mass of design garbage, unbearable arcitecture kitsch and “Beautiful Living”-senarios of our postmodern times. His systematically painted aluminum reliefs with their smooth lacquered surfaces are reminicent of post-war design of the economically booming 50s. This time the wall objects are literally electrifying. Implanted products from the consumer world transform the works into absurdly surealistic objects that defy the usual perception of art and design. Instead they function as retarded mirrors of our own desires.

Jörg Rode puts an even more ironic spin on things. His latest series of caricature-like sculptures are loaded with social and political subtexts. By filtering the present design craziness through a critical intellectual lens Rode’s work forms a witty commentary to Dörner’s ironic wall reliefs. The almost obcenely politcally incorrect sculptures form the “Young art from Africa” series play with the typical political correctness attitudes of western elites who embrace ethno-design and Third World romantics. Another series of sculptures called “The Game of the others” recreates objects of raw urban neglect in such a brutal yet fragile fashion it makes you wanna cry.

Michael Dörner, born 1959, holds a master degree in Fine Arts from the Hochschule der Bildenen Künste in Hamburg. Among his teachers were the renowned artists Franz Erhard Walter, Stanley Brouwn and Lawrence Wiener

Jorg Rode, born 1957, studied Fine Art at the Hochschule der Künste in Hamburg with artists/professors Franz Erhard Walter and Thomas Bayrle in Frankfurt

Both artists had major shows in museums and galleries in Germany and abroad.